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I don’t think I could say that 1991 was a good year for GI Joe. Many beloved characters went into third and fourth revisions, no longer resembling any previous or iconic incarnations from the 80s. In 1989 the cartoon went back into production, now under the direction of DiC and not Sunbow, with a complete lack of detail in it’s styling nor focus on past happenings only to come to a close in this same year. For me personally I was pretty much done with GI Joe outside of the comic books and on to better things, my teenage years.

Snake-Eyes 1991All that didn’t mean there wasn’t promise in what was laid out or done with certain characters so this past spring I went back and took a good look. Primarily at the v4 Snake-Eyes which was a complete 180 from the ninja commando we loved as kids. Now pale blue and black with a bright orange [paintball mask style] visor and matching weapons, it’s no wonder it was easy to loose interest. This was practically an all new GI Joe for a whole new decade of kids. It is also easy see how this and the years previous were left out of the 25th Anniversary line. Simply put, they weren’t the icons we knew 25 years ago. (more…)

Why Recondo?

recondo_2I was asked this question recently when I was offered some old RAH Joes and immediately yelled out “I call Recondo!” The answer, I really don’t know why. I barely remember him from the comics and he only had a few supporting character roles in the cartoon (rem the episode “Red Rockets Glare” about Roadblock’s uncle’s burger joint?) yet he always ended up a member of my team when I was a kid. Maybe it’s the hat. Maybe it was the mustache. Either way before we had him added to the 25th Anniversary line at the very bitter end I was intent on crafting my own. I had a Tiger Force version planned as one of my first major customs (still the influence for the final). I even started and had him near complete before abandoning him altogether when the actual figure hit in classic jungle gear.

recondoLike any custom I make it seems to be all about the inspiration. Obviously for Recondo it was just a matter of the right parts to make him the way I wanted him and though one may not think to use the beefy lower legs from a Resolute Roadblock for a shorter character, when paired with the front pocket uppers and knee pads from City Strike Snake eyes I immediately saw what I need. For those familiar with the 25th version it was obvious to stick with the torso he already had. A quick arm swap later to short sleeves and a few custom accessories and I had all that I needed to get this one together. (more…)